Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hello Is Anyone Out There?

Hello, is anyone out there who loves dogs as much as I do? Speak now or forever hold your peace.


  1. I tried to post on your blog Saturday, but somehow it never showed up. I lost a long post. I'll try again with a shorter one.

    You are right that pets are like children. My daughter died on May 22, 1987, and I have had numerous pets die too. The feelings when those things happen are quite comparable.

    I'll post this, and see if it works before writing more.

  2. Hurrah! It worked today. I must have messed it up yesterday.

    My family and I have had numerous dogs over the years. Our favorite pets are horses and dogs, but all animals are welcome. Now that I am here as a transient, I don't have the opportunity to make the commitment that a pet would deserve, so I don't have any now. Well, that's not entirely true. There is a cat that comes around, especially since I leave some food out for her. Like a man...'the way to the heart is through the stomach.' Also, at my house there are squirrels, skunks, oppossums, birds (even wild parrots - hundreds of them, and once a coyote who was looking for lunch. The other animals made themselves scarce while Mr. Coyote was visiting. I like the skunks. They look cool, but get a bad rap.

  3. Thank you for your response Zenyatta. I am glad that your wife will be able to accompany you to watch Zenyatta race.... I am sorry to hear about your daughter, and I too have experienced loss in my family. It is hard. Pets do have a very healing touch and I am glad we both have recieved that gift. Are you in our Wednesday night 565 class?

  4. YES!!! I love animals. When I saw Happy's picture, it reminded me of my first pet. I was about 6 years old when "Diamante" came into my life. He looked like "Benji" the famous dog, with his big brown eyes and his brown curly hair. He followed me everywhere. I remember my mother always had to hold him each morning when I went to school because he would follow me to school. Every afternoon, I would find him waiting for me to get home from school. He was always by the gate looking down the street. He would always follow us to the market running behind my dad's truck. My dad always pulled over to pick him up. When he didn't pull over, "Diamante" would always find his way home. He would be by the gate waiting. One day my dad did not pull over to pick him up. When we got home from the market, he was not home. The following day my dad and brother went looking for him. He got ran-over by a car. I was very sad. My dad burried him in our backyard. Since then I have had several other pet dogs, but not like "Diamante." He was a special dog and I will always treasure his memory in my heart.

  5. Thank you for sharing your story. It was heart warming and tear jerking. Some people probably still don't understand the connection between people and their dogs. I know I did not until that gloomy day 2 years ago when I noticed Happy smiling at me! I have actually wanted a dog for a few years now, but my husband was opposed to the idea. Since we do not have children, I put my foot down and insisted on having a puppy. Now, we can not envision our lives without him!! I am so glad you shared your story. Our dogs are truly part of the family! and even closer than some of our human friens.