Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy got a Monkey

As I continue to work on my Master's degree and work part time, Happy is there when I have errands to run, when I am cleaning the house or cooking. Oh, and Happy got a new toy. It's a monkey that makes a sound when you squeeze it's mouth!
One of my Facebook friends seems to agree wholeheartedly about animals being great friends. One of her latest posts was "Perfect companions never have fewer than four feet!". I really feel the same a lot of the time. Of course it's nice to be able to have meaniful human relationships too! But I can alway count on my faithful little friend. Bless his little dog soul.


  1. Yeah...that's true. I have a dog in Korea and she is really nice and cute! She follows me anywhere I go and she is very friendly to anybody! I really miss her...I think good things about having a pet is that you don't have any time to feel lonely. So I want to have a pet here in America too but I was afraid if my pet would be ending up feeling lonely because I am outside all the time.

  2. Maybe a cat or 2 kittens would be better for you at this time Eunok! Now, I schedule my time around my puppy. But it's OK for me now. He is part of our small family!